In the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, the Law Proposal Amending Electricity Market Law and Some Laws was accepted and became law. According to the law, the General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA) will be able to conduct exploration and research abroad and establish a company abroad to carry out these activities. MTA will be able to establish a company or partnership abroad with local or foreign real or legal persons, become a privileged partner, buy and sell all kinds of shares, stocks and other partnership shares related to companies or partnerships, and open a work office abroad. MTA will be able to carry out these activities without being subject to the Law on Participation of Public Institutions in Abroad Tenders.

In military forbidden and security zones, lands allocated to the Turkish Armed Forces related to national security, facilities in operational and defense purposes (excluding residences and social facilities), facilities in private security zones, refineries, petrochemical facilities and nuclear power plant projects, and Restrictive provisions of the Coastal Law, including the construction and construction, regarding the coasts, coastlines, land gained through filling and drying, will not be applied for the activities. The restrictive provisions of the Law on the Improvement of Olive Cultivation and Vaccination of Wilds will not be applied for the facilities and activities envisaged to be carried out within the scope of nuclear power plant projects.

Structures in nuclear power plant sites

The provisions of the Law on Building Supervision and the provisions of the Zoning Law regarding scientific liability will not be applied in the structures to be built in nuclear power plant sites. However, inspection of the structure of these buildings, Turkey Atomic Energy Authority authorized by the building inspection bodies with legal personality, audit firm with nuclear review the plant’s license holders in accordance with the service contract provisions between audit done by these institutions, partly exclusive and strict liability of the owner of the nuclear power plant license or will not eliminate it completely. The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, in order to carry out examination, determination, reporting, project approval and acceptance procedures regarding the obligations required for the establishment and operation of electricity generation, transmission, distribution and consumption facilities in accordance with national interests and modern technology; It will authorize the specialized public institutions and organizations, the distribution licensees or private law legal entities within the scope of the Electricity Market Law. The Ministry will also regulate the purchasing of services from these legal entities and the qualifications, authorization, rights and obligations of these legal entities and the sanctions and other issues to be applied to these legal entities.

License number restriction removed

Licenses for coal mines can be tied to separate licenses for electricity generation, with the approval of the ministry, so as not to cause reserve loss. The number of members of the Energy Market Regulatory Board (EMRA) will be reduced from 9 to 7. The Board will be able to transfer some or all of the authorities given to it by the relevant laws to the presidency or service units in the issuance, amendment, temporary suspension, cancellation, preliminary investigation and investigation procedures of the pre-license, license and certificates defined in the relevant market laws. In the current regulation, while the commitment and guarantee determined by the institution to be able to store an amount up to 10 percent of the natural gas to be imported every year in the national territory within 5 years was taken from the legal entities that will carry out storage activities, the limitation on the amount of natural gas was removed with the accepted law and the phrase underground storage was introduced. Regarding the distribution licensees, it will be ensured that they can participate in one of the legal entities in their field of activity within certain restrictions. Thus, flexibility will be provided for distribution companies to provide financial support by sharing experience, knowledge and technology among themselves.

-Methane gas will be brought to the economy

With the law, it is aimed to produce methane gas safely from the earth and from inside the coal mine, and to bring this gas to the economy as “natural gas”. Accordingly, methane gas in underground With the law, it is aimed to produce methane gas safely from the earth and from inside the coal mine, and to bring this gas to the economy as “natural gas”. Accordingly, methane gas in underground mines will be produced from the earth or from inside the quarry. The owner of the mine will be given an operating license, provided that the produced methane gas remains within the boundaries of the mining license. However, in the issuance of the operating license, the amount of methane gas in the mentioned mines must be at least five cubic meters per ton.The produced methane gas can be put into operation in the market provided that it is licensed under the Natural Gas Market Law. The state share to be obtained from the produced methane gas will be taken at the rate specified in the law. Upon the Ministry’s proposal, the Council of Ministers will be authorized to increase this rate up to 4 times or to reduce it up to half. By adding the definition of biomass to the Law on the Use of Renewable Energy Resources for the Purpose of Generating Electrical Energy, it will be made possible to produce electricity using organic and inorganic components in urban waste.Energy and Natural Resources Minister Berat Albayrak, because of the enactment of the proposals, in his speech at the General Assembly, he thanked the officials for the enactment of the proposal which he considers crucial for Turkey and the energy markets and for the support to the legislative process thus thanked the deputies. Albayrak, who also thanked the ruling party deputies for their devoted support for more than 18 hours, wished that the arrangement would provide much better and more fruitful services and pave the way for beneficial services during his ministry.