Unfortunately, our country’s soils are very weak in terms of organic matter. In the soil analyzes made on our agricultural soils, it is observed that the amount of organic matter in 85% of our soils is between 1-1.5%. For ideal agriculture, these rates should be 4-5%.

Lack of organic matter in agricultural soils causes plants not to fully receive nitrogen, phosphate and potassium – in short N, P, K – given by chemical fertilization. This situation causes a significant amount of these chemicals to remain in the soil, thus causing both economic losses and the increasingly desertification and salinization of our soils. In the comparative trials carried out for many crops in cultivation areas, it has been observed that organomineral fertilizers perform much better than conventional chemical fertilizers and cause yield increases. With their moisture-retaining properties, organic substances ensure that the moisture in the soil is preserved for a longer time. Polfer produces its organic matter content in its own facilities in accordance with the applicable regulations.