It is a scientific fact that existing energy resources will be depleted in a very short time in parallel with the rapid increase in the demanded energy. In addition, it is not possible to keep the emission value of the world within the current limits due to the increasing population and energy demand.

If this pollution continues, the world temperature will increase and the sea level will rise, etc. The results have made it inevitable to use renewable energy sources in energy production all over the world. In our country, there is a seriously increasing demand for electricity due to population growth and industrial development. Although the electricity consumption per capita is still well below the OECD and EU averages, the rate of increase of this rate is very high.

When looking at this information, considering that the amount of fossil fuels is limited and will be depleted one day, renewable energy sources should be preferred, which have the least damage to natural resources and biological diversity and are easily accessible economic resources to improve living standards.